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Egypt: A land of ancient wonders, diverse landscapes, and delicious cuisine.
Egypt is a North African country with a rich history and culture that dates back thousands of years. It is home to some of the world's most iconic landmarks, including the pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the Nile River.
Egypt's diverse landscape offers something for everyone, from the towering mountains of the Sinai Peninsula to the pristine beaches of the Red Sea. Visitors can also explore the vibrant cities of Cairo and Luxor, where bustling markets and ancient ruins coexist seamlessly.
Egypt's cuisine is another highlight, with dishes such as kushari, ful medames, and molokhia showcasing the country's unique flavors and ingredients.
Whether you're interested in history, culture, nature, or food, Egypt has something to offer everyone.

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Best Season:All Year
Popular Location: Cairo , Hurghada and Luxor

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Hot Air Balloon Ride in Luxor

Daily Tours

A hot air balloon is an incredible way to see the “world’s largest open-air museum. An early pickup at your hotel will take you to the balloon that will carry…

from $110$60
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Karnak Sound & Light Show

Night Events

See Karnak Temple illuminated at night with an audio-visual show that will explain how the temple was used and what life was like in Ancient Egypt.  

from $50$35
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Neverland Show Sharm El Sheikh

Night Events

Enjoy performances and a party with all the comforts of home. Dinner will be followed by performances by an Arab artist, a violinist, a saxophonist, a Russian and Colombian show,…

from $65$45
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Overday Luxor from Aswan

Daily Tours

See the most famous sites around Luxor on both sides of the river in one day from Aswan. Visit Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple on the East bank and then…

from $110$95
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Abu Simbel Tour from Aswan

Daily Tours

Abu Simbel Day Trip from Aswan will give you the chance to enjoy visiting the two temples of Abu Simbel, with their unique style that is considered the masterpieces of…

from $135$110
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Sound & Light Pyramids show

Night Events

The sound and light show at the Pyramids is a spectacular multimedia presentation that takes place in the evening against the backdrop of the ancient pyramids. It provides an immersive…

from $60$30
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Museums Full Day Tour

Daily Tours

A day tour that is Full of Antiques for those who love Ancient Egyptian art, Visiting The GEM, Egyptian Museum, and National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

from $135$80
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Fayoum overday Trip

Daily Tours, Safari

Throughout the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to soak in the vibrant atmosphere of Al Fayoum, feel the Bedouin way of life, and interact with friendly locals.

from $140$70
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Alexandria Day Tour

Daily Tours

Throughout the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to soak in the vibrant atmosphere of Alexandria, taste local cuisine, and interact with friendly locals.

from $120$60
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Limitless Egypt

Egypt Packages, Safari, Sun & Sea trips

A captivating journey through time and history, allowing you to explore the country’s ancient wonders, vibrant cities, and natural beauty. This tour typically spans several Days, providing ample time to…

from $1,880$1,590