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It will take you a moment of appreciation while thinking about this magnificent structure. The Pyramids of Giza are one of the ancient world wonders and the greatest human-made structure the nation has ever known. Frankly, Giza Pyramids will be one of the most impressive things you will witness throughout your life.

Get ready to have an amazing time and a great experience and loads of photos to look back on. In this TravMe guide, we will delve into one of the most famous Egypt destinations, The Pyramids of Giza.

About Pyramids of Giza 

The pyramids of Giza were built to be royal tombs for three different pharaohs who ruled Egypt. The oldest and largest pyramid of the group was built for Khufu, the second king of the 4th dynasty with a height of 481.4 feet (147 meters). Constructed c.2551–2528 BCE and called The Great Pyramid. Khufu pyramid is built out of approximately 2.3 million limestone blocks with an outer casing of lighter limestone.

The middle pyramid was built for Khafre, the 4th of the eight kings of the 4th dynasty with a height of 471 feet (143 meters). The last pyramid to be built was that of Menkaure, the 5th king of the 4th dynasty with a height of 218 feet (66 meters) and it’s the southernmost.

The world, especially historians, continues to debate how the Pyramids of Giza were built, their use, and what they represent. Some assume that the pyramids represent a stairway for the pharaoh’s ka to reach the heavens or it might symbolize the sunrays spreading to the earth; till now, no one knows the true story behind the pyramids of Giza.

How Did Ancient Egyptians Build the Pyramids of Giza?

Pyramids of Giza
Pyramids of Giza

This question is still a huge mystery for the entire world, and we haven’t received a wholly satisfactory answer. Assumptions are always raised in any talk about this topic. Some assume that the ancient Egyptians employed a sloping and encircling brick, earth, and sand embankment, which increased in height and length as the pyramid rose; stone blocks were hauled up the ramp using sleds, rollers, and levers.

Regarding the workforce, some assumptions tell us that around 100,000 skillful workers were there to build the Great Pyramid of Giza and it took around 20 years to be completely constructed. These workers were supposed to be working there on a seasonal basis – i.e., when the Nile River was in flood there was little work to be done in the fields, so they worked in constructing pyramids. By the late 20th century, archaeologists suggested that only 20,000 fixed workers with personnel support (bakers, physicians, priests, etc.), would have been adequate for this mission.

What’s Inside the Pyramids of Giza?

Pyramids of Giza
Hieroglyphic Texts

The decoration inside the pyramids began several centuries after those of the Giza Pyramids which is why there are no hieroglyphic texts inside Giza pyramids. Moreover, any treasure would have been robbed in past times. 

Most of the pyramids in Egypt have a room where a ruler from a different dynasty was buried, and there might be other rooms where their wives and sons were buried. Inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, there are three well-known chambers. The lowest chamber was cut into the bedrock, upon which the pyramid was built, but stayed incomplete.

The so-called Queen’s Chamber and King’s Chamber, which contain a granite sarcophagus (stone coffin), are above ground, within the pyramid structure. One of the granite sarcophagus belongs to Khufu which is also found empty,  and it remains one of the biggest mysteries of the Great Pyramid of Giza. 

Khafre and Menkaure have passageways at their bottom that lead to small underground burying chambers beneath each pyramid. Khufu’s pyramid also boasts an intricate system of underground tunnels. What makes it unique, is that the burial chamber is located in the center of the pyramid, accessible via a climb up a tight interior passageway within the structure itself as well. 

Can Visitors Go Inside the Pyramids of Giza? 

Yes, visitors can access the interiors of all three pyramids of Giza, but it is worth mentioning that each requires the purchase of a separate ticket. 

Tourists can freely climb in the allowed time and areas and with guidance. I.e., Offenders face up to three years in prison as a penalty.

Why Should You Visit the Pyramids of Egypt?

Pyramids of Giza
Pyramids of Giza

Many of us have dreamed of visiting the Pyramids since childhood as the exact origin of these majestic pyramids continues to spark debate and curiosity as they are the only ancient world wonders that have survived through the ages. 

Giza Pyramids are a reminder of the ancient Egyptian glorification of life after death. They are significant contributors to Egyptian history and culture by providing insights into one of the richest civilizations in the world where death was considered the beginning of a journey to the other world.

Pyramids of Giza Tour 

Itinerary: –

Make yourself ready for the breathtaking adventure of a lifetime to the pyramids of Giza. Our friendly representative will pick you up from the hotel to start your journey to see the Great Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx. 

  • First Stop: 

It will take you a moment of appreciation for one of the ancient world wonders. The giant pyramids standing tall and rising from the desert sand as a testament to the ingenuity of the ancient Egyptians in engineering and construction. While being there our certified guide will tell you more about the Giza pyramids’ fascinating history. Then you will move to the sphinx guarding the Giza plateau, which is another mystery not answered until today. 

After that, we will be heading to Saqqara Pyramid, home to the very first pyramid ever built on the earth, The step pyramid. All while listening to interesting stories and legends about Egyptian pharaohs who ruled Egypt. These stories continue to captivate the imagination of visitors from around the world.

  • Second Stop:

Pyramis Of Giza
Mit Rahina open-air museum. The Alabaster Sphinx was found outside the Temple of Ptah.

Memphis the relics of Egypt’s ancient capital, where we’ll visit the Mit Rahina Museum and see the giant statue of Ramses II and the alabaster sphinx.

  • Third  Stop:

After a delicious lunch at a local restaurant, we’ll head to Dahshour to explore the Red and Bent Pyramids, some of the oldest and best-preserved pyramids in Egypt. Finally, as the day comes to an end, we’ll drive you back to your hotel, leaving you with memories to appreciate for your lifetime.

Don’t miss out on the incredible journey to the Pyramids of Giza! Book your adventure today and get ready to explore Egypt’s most famous Egypt destinations with us.


Price Starting From: $35.

Prices are quoted in US Dollars per person per trip and are valid except Peak Period during Christmas, New Year & Easter holidays.

Mark your calendar for one of the best day trips from Cairo – 8 hrs tour that will help you delve further into the history of Egypt by visiting The Great Pyramids, Sphinx, Sakkara Pyramid, Memphis & Dahshour. Pyramids of Giza tour packages inclusions and exclusions at a glance, See All Giza Packages.

Children Policy

  • 1 – 6   Free of Charge
  • 6 – 11 pay 60% of the tour price
  • 12+ pays the full tour price

What is included in the Pyramids of Giza Tour?

  • Pick up and drop off from your hotel in Cairo by modern air-conditioned vehicle.
  • Main Entry fees for the mentioned sights.
  • English Speaking Egyptologist.
  • Lunch at a Local Restaurant.
  • Bottled water during the tour (2 Each). 

What is not included in this tour?

  • Any extras not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Tipping.
  • personal spending.

Cancellation policy

If you cancel your tickets 30 days or more before the experience begins, you’ll get a full refund. For more information about our cancellation policy click here.

Keep in mind during the Pyramids of Giza tour:


  • Drink a lot of water, Egypt’s climate can be hot, especially during the summer and it’s very easy to get dehydrated.
  • Respect the Rules and regulations.
  • Always have some cash.
  • Always carry some kind of identification document.
  • Make sure you have a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and light cotton or linen breathable clothes, and don’t forget comfortable shoes suitable for walking and exploring the sandy terrain around the pyramids.
  • Climb the pyramids and enter the chambers only when permitted and with proper guidance.


  • Don’t touch or deface monuments, hieroglyphs, or artifacts, and try to keep them safe as much as you can.
  • Don’t take pictures where you’re not allowed to and avoid disrupting other visitors’ experiences.
  • Don’t engage in unauthorized activities such as drone flying, smoking in restricted areas, or any behavior that may damage the site.
  • Don’t feel obliged to tip anyone for anything and if you are purchasing something remember to haggle politely if you’re negotiating prices.
  • Don’t leave your hotel or accommodation without a guide or a map close at hand, unless you know where you’re heading, and remember to tell anyone where you’re heading.

Useful and Emergency Numbers

  • Tourism Development Authority: 02 35688782 – 02 35690740 – 02 35683282
  • Tourist Police: 126
  • Police: 122
  • Fire Service: 180
  • Gas Emergency: 129
  • Ambulance: 123
  • Telephone Guide: 140
  • Cairo Airport Shuttle Bus: 19970
  • Flying Hospital Service: +2 37766393/2
  • Citizens’ Reports (weapon – drugs – antiquities – crimes): 115
  • The Ministry of the Interior Security of the Republic of Egypt services Inquiries: 128

Hotels Near the Pyramids of Giza:

  • Marriott Mena House, Cairo
  • Best View Pyramids Hotel
  • Grand Pyramids Hotel
  • Great Pyramid Inn
  • Pyramids View Inn

Restaurants Near the Pyramids of Giza:

  • El Dar Darak
  • The Moghul Room
  • Rooftop 7000
  • Tree Lounge Restaurant
  • Akemi Restaurant

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